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One of the most important fabrics dressmakers may use in their work is Dress Lining Fabric. This material is used when making up a garment for a number of reasons and can be cheap way to achieve a high quality finish to your clothes. Dress lining is used underneath the outside layers of fabric on your garment to create a neat finish by concealing seam edges, interfacing and padding and is also often used underneath a lightweight fabric to create more body to the item or to avoid it being 'see-through'. By adding this extra layer, Dress Lining Fabric will add warmth to your garment.

At Calico Laine, our everyday Dress Lining Fabric is lightweight and durable as well as being anti-static which is an important feature in a lining fabric as it will make the item much more comfortable to wear. This lining fabric is 100% polyester and at £2.99 per metre it is excellent value for money. For just a small cost you can create a high quality finish on your garment. Our anti-static dress lining comes in a large range of colours so there will always be something suitable for your garment. If you are having difficulty matching a colour via your computer monitor we are always happy to help over the phone. Just give us a call and we can suggest something that will match well for you.

As well as our anti static Dress Lining Fabric we have an expanding range of stretch linings which are great for fabrics such as lycra and jersey. These lining fabrics help stop your clothes 'riding up' which is a particular problem for some stretchy fabrics. This Dress Lining Fabric also helps with the shaping of your garment and again due to its anti-static properties it is particularly comfortable to wear.