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Easy Fabrics For Making Dresses

With Christmas soon arriving, you may have been asked what you would like for the big day this year from friends, family, or even a Secret Santa group. In contrast, we have had a lot of customers visiting us who are hoping to put together a nice selection of sewing items for a friend or relative who want to begin taking up sewing and dressmaking as a hobby. Usually we are asked for haberdashery items and other products that any sewing enthusiast might need, but occasionally we are also asked about what fabrics would be easiest to use for beginners. In today's blog, we'll be talking about beginner-friendly Fabric To Use For A Dress, in the hope that you might be inspired when purchasing for your own loved ones this Christmas and indeed any time of the year.

Cotton - This classic Fabric is used for so many purposes and many different types of garments, including dresses. It is an excellent choice for the novice dressmaker and there are all kinds of patterns and plain shades to choose from, including children's designs, florals, spots, stripes and so much more. Be sure to remind inexperienced seamstresses to always wash their cotton Fabrics before cutting to account for any shrinkage that may occur. A bonus of this fabric is that it can be dyed to any shade you desire as it is a natural fabric.

Bi-Stretch - This inexpensive Fabric is a great introduction to working with polyester. Available in a fantastic selection of colours, bi-stretch is a medium weight Fabric that flows and drapes well and is a good choice for dresses and skirts. It is popular among our customers for projects that require a lot of Fabric in plain colours but are perhaps limited to a small budget.

Cotton Jersey - If your novice seamstress is looking to make a Dress for summer, or perhaps hoping to make a close-fitting dress, we suggest cotton jersey. This Fabric is predominantly used for casual clothing such as T-shirts and skirts, but it can also be used for Dresses and comes in a multitude of plain colours. It can be dyed to any colour you wish due to its 100% cotton composition.

Do you have any suggestions of your own when it comes to novice-friendly Fabric To Use For A Dress? Drop us a message on our Facebook page and get chatting with our other customers - we love to hear back from you!