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How To: Make Bunting

Last weekend was the Queen's official birthday, and here at Calico Laine, we celebrated in style with a day-long sale full of bargains and discounts for all of our customers. In order to make our stores look festive for the occasion, we created numerous strands of bunting using our cotton fabrics, including red, royal blue and of course, our Union Flag cotton prints - and we like the look of it so much that we have kept it up in our stores to show our support for Euro 2016 and the Olympics! Bunting is a simple decoration to make, but it is very effective at making any space look instantly cheery and worth celebrating. In today's blog, I'll be walking you through how to make bunting of your very own - it can be used for any purpose including weddings, summer barbecues, parties and even as bedroom decoration for everyday style.

You will need:
- Some 25mm/1" wide cotton bias binding (as long as you need with an extra metre)
- 1 metre of fabric in each of your chosen colours
- Pinking shears
- Paper scissors
- A piece of card
- A pencil
- A ruler
- Some dressmaking pins

Step One
Take your piece of card and, using your pencil and ruler, draw a triangle template. Cut this out with your paper scissors (If you are not happy with drawing your own, there are plenty of templates than can be found online!).

Step Two
Pin your triangle template to your fabric and cut around it using your pinking shears - this will help to prevent the edges of your flags fraying. Repeat this step as many times as necessary until you have enough flags for your length of your bunting.

Step Three
Take your fabric flags and space them evenly along the length of your bias binding (I suggest a space of about 3 inches between each flag). Fold the bias binding over the shortest edge of your fabric flags, and pin in place. Make sure to leave a length of bias binding about 50 centimetres long at each end of your bunting so that you can hang it up properly.

Step Four
Sew along the entire length of your bias binding once it has all been folded over. Once you have done this, your bunting is complete!

Bunting can be used for all sorts of purposes, and this tutorial is probably one of the quickest ways to complete a length of it for any event that you choose. If you would like to make it a little more fancy, consider lining your flags with more fabric, or embellishing your flags with decorations such as letters, diamante products and buttons. Remember not to use anything too heavy as this will cause your bunting to sag and it will not hang properly as a result.

If you have ever made any bunting using our products, be sure to take a photo and upload it to our Facebook page - we love to see what our customers come up with!