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  • How To: Make a Christmas Apron

    As we draw towards the end of the year, we at Calico Laine are serving a steadily increasing number of customers who are on the hunt for Christmas fabrics to create personalised gifts for friends and family. While you don't have to limit yourself to fabrics that have festive themes, items such as aprons are a popular choice for handmade presents to give to loved ones - or even just as a garment for yourself to wear to protect your outfit while cooking dinner on the big day! In today's blog, I'll be walking you through the steps to create your very own apron. You w… Read More
  • How To: Make a Tote Bag

    Let's face it - our British summertime hasn't had the greatest weather so far! We have had a few lovely warm days full of sunshine over the Calico Laine buildings, but we have had plenty of rain and thunderstorms to go with it as well. I am off on my summer holidays soon, and in preparation for my long, lazy days at the beach, I have been making a few tote bags to carry all the items I will need to take with me. If you would like to find out how to make a tote bag of your very own, then keep on reading! What you'll need: - 1 metre of fabric for the outside of the… Read More
  • How To: Make Bunting

    Last weekend was the Queen's official birthday, and here at Calico Laine, we celebrated in style with a day-long sale full of bargains and discounts for all of our customers. In order to make our stores look festive for the occasion, we created numerous strands of bunting using our cotton fabrics, including red, royal blue and of course, our Union Flag cotton prints - and we like the look of it so much that we have kept it up in our stores to show our support for Euro 2016 and the Olympics! Bunting is a simple decoration to make, but it is very effective at making… Read More
  • How To: Make a Fabric Flower

    Sometimes after you are done sewing a project, you end up realising that you bought too much fabric and are left with scrap pieces. If you are like me and overestimate how much fabric you needed, it seems a shame to throw away scrap pieces sometimes, especially if they are too small to be used for clothing but are still quite a substansial piece. Fear not - these pieces can still come in useful to make something pretty! I like to use my fabric scraps to make handmade flowers, which always end up colourful and can be used to embellish a finished project or as a cut… Read More
  • How To: Sew a Zipper Pouch

    At Calico Laine, we love any and all craft projects. From sewing to jewellery making, and cards to crochet and knitting, we are always happy to see our customers come up with all sorts of wonderful ideas as a personal project, or a gift for a family member or friend. Particularly with gifts, if it is a small item that you are creating, some of our customers like to go the extra mile with their packaging too! I personally like to make small zipper pouches for items such as jewellery and other little gifts; not only does the recipient get the present I intended for … Read More
  • How To: Sew a Bum Bag

    I know what you're thinking after reading the title - bum bags are incredibly unfashionable, and should be left back in the 1990s where they belong. Summer is fast approaching, though, and a lot of us have booked holidays in other countries (and are now excitedly counting down the days until we fly away to foreign lands!), making sure that we have everything we need for the perfect vacation. I myself am destined for the sunshine state, Florida, in the next few months, and I'll be hitting the ground running with my family to dart around all of the fantastic theme… Read More
  • How To: Sew A French Seam

    When it comes to any sewing project, we all like to take pride in our work and create in such a way so that everything we make is neat and properly finished. A raw edge or seam can be unsightly, and can even reduce the lifespan of a garment or bag if it begins to fray. While there are many different ways to solve this problem, one of my personal favourite ways to put a stop to this is by using french seams. This method encases raw seams inside themselves, which sounds a little peculiar at first, but it is a lot easier than it sounds! In today's Calico Laine blog, … Read More
  • How To: Make an Apron

    If you are similar to me and like your belongings to be both unique and catered to your own individual taste, you might find that you make a lot of things for yourself using our fabric here at Calico Laine, from clothing to soft furnishings and other decorations around your home. I have sisters who are not into sewing, but one of them loves to bake and cook, and can always be found creating tasty dishes for the whole family to eat - and one of her favourite things to make is cupcakes. I have used some of our fabrics to make a few aprons for her - after all, baking… Read More
  • How To: Make an Elasticated Skirt

    The weather seems to finally be getting better here where Calico Laine is located in the North West of England, thank goodness! I just can't wait for it to be sunny and warm, and I am counting down the days until the summer vacation that I have booked with my family and best friend later this year. In preparation for the incoming warm weather, I have been sewing myself some new clothes to wear, and one of the easier projects I have taken on is a skirt with an elastic waistband. In today's blog, I'll be walking you through how to make one of your very own! There is… Read More
  • How To: Make a Circle Skirt

    If you are looking for an easy project to work on, a circle skirt is a simple and quick item of clothing to make - and the bonus of a circle skirt is that it can be very versatile depending on what fabrics you use to create it. At Calico Laine, we have tons of fabrics that you could use to create one - for example, if you want a light and floaty skirt to wear in the summertime, why not take a look at our Rose & Hubble cotton prints or our Blades linen fabrics? For a more formal occasion, one of my personal favourites to use is our exquisite duchess satin, whic… Read More

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