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  • Buy Haberdashery at Calico Laine

    Here at calico laine you can Buy Haberdashery products both online and in store as we sell a wide variety of different items you can choose from depending on what you need for your sewing projects. Haberdashery is one of our most popular sections with our customers as you always need a piece of haberdashery that will compliment your projects such as zips for sewing into your garments, scissors for cutting your fabrics and trims to embellish items of clothing, there is always something you will need.

    Neon Tassel Fringe Neon Tassel Fringe

    Some of our new Haberdashery products we have recently had come in store and online are a variety of different tassel fringes and pom pom trims in stunning eye-catching colours that are ideal for embellishing your new garments or older pieces of clothing giving them a brand new look. The new large pom pom trims consist of four designs: baby, bright, pastel and neon which are all excellent shades that will look stylish on any item you are embellishing. These pom pom trims can be purchased by the metre or 10 metre roll if you are needing more for a larger project. They are 10mm wide and a popular choice for decorative pieces including craft projects and home decor projects such as cushions and lampshades. Due to the colour range they are ideal for different makes, for example the baby shade would look incredible on home interior pieces in your child's room as its made up of pastel blues and pinks where as the rainbow shade would compliment a black garment or even add a touch of colour to one of your household rooms.

    The new tassel fringes are also available in different shades consisting of black and white, neon, pastel and primary colours that are also great for using on different items and accessories. These tassel fringes have already proven popular with our customers as we have had to order a lot more stock as they sold out very quickly. The fringes are manufactured by berties bows and made up of polyester and elastic giving them a slight stretch. They are 38mm wide and are available to purchase by the metre or 25 metre roll for your larger projects. They are also ideal for embellishing garments, accessories and home interior items and can also be used for craft projects. If you are wanting a new trim for one of your projects or just an essential Haberdashery piece you can Buy Haberdashery from the Haberdashery section on our website. The new trims are under the Haberdashery section and also in new arrivals if you want to take a look.

  • Gutermann Threads at Calico Laine

    Gutermann Threads have been in production for over 150 years, in this time the company has grown significantly and is now the international leader in supplying threads to both industry and home sewers. The company believes that it is there obligation to provide sustainability, quality and service as well as leading innovation. Gutermann threads are a premium product in the sewing world, they are not the cheapest on the market but they are well worth the little extra. This brand of thread is always guaranteed, so you'll never find a snag, a join or any other kind of imperfection on their reels. The German company was established in 1864 and has remained a family owned business despite its global growth, their motto is "think global, act local. This kind of ethos has given Gutermann threads an excellent reputation within the sewing world.

    Most people would be very surprised to see the range of products developed by Gutermann, along side the usual everyday threads the company also does a huge range of specialised threads too which makes them the ideal choice for any of your sewing projects. Here I'm just going to give a quick insight into a couple of the most popular ranges which are both available At Calico Laine.  The most widely used Gutermann thread is the Sew-all thread. This particular products is available in 400 shades and is suitable for sewing any kind of fabric either by hand on your machine. This range is also suitable for quilting, decorative stitches, button holes and over locking to name a few. This line is available in several sized reels and is by far the best selling Gutermann line on the market, this is probably because its so versatile and an excellent quality.

    Machine embroidery is an increasingly popular hobby and Gutermann have a fantastic range whether you're a beginner looking for a new hobby or if you're well established in this area. I particularly like the Rayon 40 range. This is a quality viscose thread which is perfect for creating motifs, embroidering names or adding a few decorative stitches to a garment. There is 260 colours available to its ideal if you're looking to achieve something very specific. The lovely colours are completely colour fast and give a luxurious silk like look.

    As a keen sewer myself I always use Gutermann thread and I can't recommend it enough. Its reliable and certainly lives up to its reputation. Happy sewing!

  • Zips Online

    Zips are one of the most popular haberdashery items we sell here at calico laine as they are needed for most sewing projects when it comes to making garments and accessories. Zips are the most essential fasteners and are known by everyone therefore customers always tend to lean towards them for their dressmaking projects. Our Zips Online sell particularly well and we can guarantee we will always have a variety of orders for zips of all different styles. We have recently had a huge sale on our zips with a massive 12% off any zip order online which drawn in a lot of orders with our regular customers.

    Cerise Dress Zip Cerise Dress Zip

    Here at calico laine we sell a wide variety of Zips Online all ideal for different sewing projects. The range of colours we have to offer is incredible so you can be sure to find the exact colour match from our ranges. Our zips can be used for sewing into garments, accessories, cushions, other interior items and can even be used as a extra stylish embellishment on a piece of clothing. Our most popular ranges are the dress zips and concealed zips as these two ranges can be used for a variety of dressmaking projects and are available in a larger range of colour options to choose from. When it comes to different sizes the dress zips we sell have the biggest size range ranging from 4 inch up to 22 inch which gives our customers more choice.

    We still have a current offer on one of our style of zips which is proving popular with the orders. Our new heavy duty plastic zips are on offer at buy one get one free which includes all sizes ranging from 22 inch up to 32 inch. These heavy duty plastic zips are one of the strongest zips we sell and come in black and navy shades. They are the ideal choice for sewing into garments which require a strong and durable fastener such as jackets, motorcycle gear and workwear items. They are open end zips that are guaranteed to last long through tough conditions. 

    If you are needing a fastener for your new creation take a look at our range of Zips Online to find exactly what style, colour and length you need for your sewing projects. If you need help deciding which to choose please don't hesitate to contact us through email or over the phone and one of our sales team will guide you to the correct zip.

  • Gutermann Threads

    When it comes to our range of sewing threads, our Gutermann Threads are definitely the most popular with our customers both in store and online due to the range of colours and designs we have to choose from. Our range of threads include sew-all threads, all cotton threads, sulky cotton 30 threads, sulky rayon threads, hand quilting threads, sulky metallic threads, sulky silver threads and top stitch threads that are all great for different uses within your dressmaking projects. Our most popular out of the range has to be the Gutermann sew all polyester threads as they can be used with a variety of different fabrics and are available in over 100 different shades so you can be sure to match your chosen fabrics perfectly. Sew all threads come on different sized reels from 100m right up to 1000m which are great for larger sewing projects.

    Gutermann Sew All Thread Gutermann Sew All Thread

    All our other range of Gutermann Threads are ideal to use for certain parts of your dressmaking projects if you are needing a certain thread to sew with. If you are sewing with natural materials such as linen, cotton and calico the best thread to use is the Gutermann all cotton threads as they are made form 100% cotton and can wash and dry extremely well when sewn up. This thread is also available in a variety of shades and comes on reel lengths of 100m up to 400m depending on which size you need. If you need a stronger thread for your dressmaking projects then we would suggest using the Gutermann top stitch thread as this is the strongest out of the range and cannot be broken by hand it has to be cut with scissors. This thread comes on a 30m reel in various colour options and is perfect to use when sewing items such as jeans and bags. Our other Gutermann Threads consist of the hand quilting thread that is ideal for hours of sewing intricate hand quilting projects which is also available in a selection of shades. Our range of sulky threads come in beautiful multi colour, shimmery and metallic colours and designs that are all great to use for all machine embroidery projects.

    If you are looking for a quality thread to use for your different sewing projects I would highly recommend looking into the range of Gutermann Threads we have to offer as there is plenty to choose from when it comes to colours, sizes and designs.

  • Buy Zips Online for creating Cushions

    Here at Calico Laine, most of our customers are looking for fabric for their dressmaking projects although we do get a few customers who are creating some home furnishing such as children's curtains, blackout curtain linings and throw cushions. For the sewing beginner, cushions are a great item to start with as they can be pretty simple to make however if you are a more experienced sewer you can make a more complicated version. Some cushions can be made in an envelope style which means that you do not need to think about creating a fastening but for those who want to try putting a zip in your cushion, there are huge range of Zips Online at Calico Laine to choose from.

    The ideal Zips Online for cushions are YKK dress zips. For making a cushion, you are ideally looking  for a closed end zip so that the zip doesn't open fully like a jacket zip would. YKK dress Zips are lightweight while maintaining a high quality and durability. They are available in over 30 different colours which means you have plenty to choose from to match your chosen cushion fabric. Most cushion require a 14", 16" or 18" zip however we stock dress Zips Online measuring up to 22". All the zips we carry in our stock meet British safety standards which gives you the security of knowing that they are great quality. These zips are sold individually online so you can buy as many or as little as you need.

    If you are small craft company making larger amounts of cushions we also offer bulk buy cushion zips on our website which can save you some money as they are great value for money. Currently sold in black, beige, cream and white these come in packs of 100 zips and range from 12" up to 22".

    If you are making a more unusual sized cushion or trying to replace a zip in a larger sofa cushion and need something larger than a 22" zip, we also stock continuous Zips Online. This type of zipping is sold by the metre which means that you can cut it down to the exact size that you need. The continuous zipping does not come with a stopper on the end and would need to be sewn into the end of the cushion so that the zipper pull does not come off. This is available by the metre or in a bulk buy roll of 50 metres.

  • Buy Haberdashery Items at Calico Laine

    Haberdashery products are an essential and popular part of our online and in store business here at calico laine. Our customers Buy Haberdashery items from us everyday whether its a zip for their sewing projects or a button for their knitted cardigan you can guarantee many of our customers will always have a Haberdashery item in their basket or at the till.

    Vilene Double Sided Fusible Interfacing Vilene Double Sided Fusible Interfacing

    All our Haberdashery products have a speciality about them and will always have a use when you are sewing up a garment or a interior piece like a cushion. A product from our Haberdashery range that is extremely popular with our customers is vilene. Vilene interfacing is perfect for a variety of sewing projects by giving your fabrics that extra support when sewn up. All our vilenes we stock have different uses and they are available in iron on or sew in mainly in shades of black and white. We have recently had a range of brand new vilenes arrive with us ready for our vilene demonstration workshop on friday 9th june here in our neston store. A lady from vilene is coming down from 9am to promote all our new stock as well as giving us and customers who want to join in demonstrations on how to use each different vilene we have in store to sell. This will be a great event where all customers are welcome to join in with us and learn more about interfacing that many of us may not know. We often get a variety of customers asking how to use certain interfacings as they are unsure which one will be best for their project and we feel like it is necessary that we should know all the details about each vilene so we can give our customers the best advice we can about our Haberdashery products.

    Our new vilenes just arrived with us include a double sided fusible interfacing, an eco friendly soya mix interfacing, a sew in foam interfacing and a water soluble stabiliser interfacing especially for machine embroidery projects. These new interfacings are already proving popular with our customers with a few people coming in to purchase these already before our demonstration has happened. We are also getting more new vilenes in stock very soon so keep your eyes open. If you are wanting to purchase any of these new vilenes or any other essential items you can Buy Haberdashery products both in store and online.

  • Don't forget your Gutermann Threads!

    When you are starting a new sewing project it is important to choose your fabric carefully but it is equally important to select the correct thread. Having the right thread will ensure that your project maintains a high quality and has a more professional finish overall. One of the best quality and most reliable are Gutermann Threads and with there vast range, you are sure to find a thread that will be suitable for your project.

    The best selling Gutermann Threads at Calico Laine is the sew-all thread. This is made from polyester and can be used to sew all fabrics, hence the name of it! It comes in a huge range of colours with different size reels available to suit your needs. Gutermann Threads are guaranteed to not knot up, break or shred when they are used so you can be reassured that when you use them you will not have to keep stopping every two seconds to replace your thread, something that can be quite annoying in the middle of sewing! This is an excellent all rounder thread however if you are wanting to sew with 100% cotton and would like a thread specifically for this, the Gutermann all cotton thread is the perfect choice. This has a slightly reduced colour selection compared to the sew all thread but still plenty to choose from.

    If you are looking at sewing on buttons or doing some sewing that needs an extra strong thread, the top stitch is a great thread to sew with. This cannot be broken by hand and is the ideal thread when you are sewing heavier weight fabrics such as denim or doing repairs on upholstery. The top stitch thread is only available in smaller reels of 30 metres however Gutermann Threads have recently introduced a larger reel of furnishing thread which is a similar weight and this comes on a reel size of 100 metres.

    Here at Calico Laine, we often get customers who are doing quilting and patchwork. These projects can be time consuming and you would not want to ruin this by using a poor quality thread. Gutermann Threads offer both hand quilting and machine quilting threads depending on your preference and these will make sure the quality of your quilting is the best possible. These threads come on reels of 400 metres so there is no need to worry about running out quickly!

  • Lace Dressmaking Fabrics

    Lace Fabric is the perfect material for those hot summer months as it is ideal for adding an additional layer of lightweight fabric onto other lighter materials still keeping a comfortable feel and not too much of a heavy weight on the skin when made up into garments. Lace Fabric can also be useful for creating beautiful stylish kimono jackets or skirts for your summer holidays which is what it has recently become most popular for with the younger age range to fit in with the fashion sense over in marbella and ibiza. The trend at the moment for the younger generation is to get your heels on and your best costume and party all day in these incredible venues overseas which is where our materials can fit into this trend perfectly.

    Purple Heavy Corded Lace Fabric Purple Heavy Corded Lace Fabric

    Our Lace Dressmaking Fabric comes in a wide variety of stunning colours and designs that will match up with any chosen swimwear for your pool party outfit. New colours we have recently got in this material are bright shades such as purple and scarlet which are already proving popular with our customers. These new lace fabrics are heavy corded which are likely to be more useful if you are using this fabric to make up into a kimono garment as they are not overlaying over fabrics. Our heavy corded lace fabrics are stunning with that added finishing touch of an attractive scalloped edging giving it more of a unique look that will be perfect as a hem line on your kimono. Lace Dressmaking Fabric s also very easy to work with and sew up and can be used with a variety of different threads and other haberdashery products such as zips and trims if you want to add another touch to your garment you are creating. You can take a look in our haberdashery range both online and in store for all the different trims and added features you can sew onto this fabric giving it more of a stylish look than it already will be.

    If you are going on a summer holiday with the girls this year and want to create a brand new unique look that no one else would have on at the fabulous pool parties I would definitely recommend our amazing lace Dressmaking Fabric as it will give the perfect finish to your party garment and everyone will be wishing they had your outfit on.

  • Summer Life Saver: The Maxi Dress

    The sun is shining all over the country, at last British summer time is cracking the flags, which means it's time to get those fabulous summer dresses out. When the weather is like this there's nothing I love more than a long walk in West Kirby or a lounge on New Brighton beach. We're so blessed on the Wirral to be surrounded by such beautiful seaside towns it's important to make the most of it and that's why I want to share a cheeky life hack to get you from daytime casual to evening out without even having to change! I give you - The maxi dress.

    These fabulous floaty dresses are made from lightweight Dressmaking Fabric in either knit or woven and provide the perfect combination of comfort, style and elegance to take you all the way from breakfast to dinner without ever looking over/under dressed.

    Let's get into maxi Dressmaking Fabrics:

    Knit fabrics are perfect for lightweight summer dresses like the maxi dress. Interlock knit and jersey knit are great choices for this kind of dress. Jersey is a lighter weight Dressmaking Fabric and has less stretch then interlock. Interlock is more like t-shirt fabric. We wouldn't advise getting a ponte knit or a double knit as these knits are stiffer.

    If you'd rather work with woven Dressmaking Fabrics then try something like batiste, challis, cotton lawn, or voile. Maxi dresses are built for the heat so you'll probably want cotton for breath-ability rather than a synthetic fibre.

    If you're buying Dressmaking Fabric in store at Calico Laine and can touch it, then the most important thing is that the fabric feels soft and lightweight and that you like it. You don't want to get anything stiff as a maxi dress is supposed to be soft and flowy. If you're buying fabric from us online, then be sure to read the description of the fabric and look for the word "light" or "lightweight". The description will usually tell you what kind of garments you can use the fabric for also. You could be extra careful and order a swatch if you wanted. (We provide samples of any Dressmaking Fabric for just £1 each online).

    Creating your own maxi dress is an absolute must for the summer.

  • New Haberdashery Online to help you with your sewing

    Last weekend we had a summer open day at our Neston store to showcase all of our new fabrics and products around the store for local customers. One of the features of the day was a 'try before you buy' haberdashery table to allow customers to see and handle haberdashery items that they might not be familiar from our range. These products were either newly available in our Haberdashery Online section or items that we may have had for a little while that we, as sewers ourselves, love and wanted to share with our loyal customers. Here are a few of the items we demonstrated from our Haberdashery Online range :

    Prym Textile Repair Powder - When you are buying Haberdashery Online you may not automatically think of repair products but these can be essential if you are wanting to selvedge a garment rather than buy brand new. Ultimately this product is a powdered version of the well know hemming tape 'Wundaweb' however when you are using it to repair a fabric you use it in a slightly different way. Prym suggest on the directions to cut out a small 'window template' the size of the patch that you are repairing so that you can lay this down on the fabric when you sprinkle the powder in order for it not to get too messy and go onto other parts of your garment. This template can also be used to trace on the fabric you are cutting for the patch so that it is the same size. Once the powder is sprinkled, you remove the template carefully and position the fabric patch in place to be ironed. The patch needs to be covered with a damp cloth and ironed carefully until dry and then your garment is ready to go!

    Prym Elastic and Tape Threader - A lot of customers come to us and buy elastic for making elasticated waistbands on skirts and trousers. Most people usually use a safety pin attached to the end of the elastic to feed it through the waistband channel however this can be pretty tricky at times and if you lose hold of the safety pin, the elastic can fall back out and you have to start again. This new product, which can be found within our Haberdashery Online, is a great little alternative to the safety pin. The packet includes three different size threaders for different size waistbands and each includes ruler markers on them to help you get your waistband even when you are turning it over. The threaders are much longer than a safety pin so they are much easier to use and less likely for you to lose hold of.

    Dafa Rotary Cutter - For those customers who prefer to cut their fabric using a rotary cutter instead of scissors or for quilters, the Dafa rotary cutter is a great Haberdashery item to have. These are a cheaper alternative to the Olfa rotary cutters but do not compromise of quality. They are suitable for right and left handed users and have a cushion spot handle which gives a more comfortable grip. The replacement blades are also available to buy within our Haberdashery Online.

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