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  • This week's New Arrivals

    Here at Calico Laine we try to provide our customers with quality products at great prices. We aim to provide our customers a range of products to choose from no matter what their budget and are happy to say that we have been doing this for 40 years! To keep our regular customers interested and to encourage new custom we are always adding New Arrivals to our online store. We are always on the look out for new haberdashery items and fabric that we can bring to you, online and in store.

    This week's main New Arrivals are featured in our curtain accessories section. Although many of our customers may not automatically think of us for these types of products, we sell curtain accessories on a daily basis in our Liscard branch and have decided to add them to our growing net curtain section on our website for those of you who cannot travel to our retail stores on the Wirral. Our first set of New Arrivals are tie back hooks. If you are redecorating and renewing your curtains you may want to also change your tie back hooks to complete the look. We have a few different styles to choose from including antique brass, silver, black and gold metal hooks that can be screwed into the wall as well as gold and chrome stick on plastic hooks. These hooks are all sold individually and for a small cost can really add that perfect finishing touch to your interior. If you do not have curtains in your home and have blinds instead, we also have some New Arrivals for you! We have a number of contemporary cord pulls that can be used on the end of a light pull or blind strings and have curtain cleats to match to keep any loose blind cord stored neatly.

    If you are feeling particularly creative and want to make your own blinds for your home, we have added a high quality roman blind tape to our New Arrivals section which will help you create some stylish roman blinds for your windows. This can be used along our existing products such as roman blind cord, blind rings and now cord pulls and cleats. The roman blind tape is 19mm wide and has a channel sewn into it so that a roman blind batten or some dowel can run through it with each line of tape used to create the traditional 'fold' of a roman blind.

    For new products keep an eye on our New Arrivals section on our website. It is updated each week with new and exciting products picked especially with you in mind!

  • Haberdashery at Calico Laine

    Here at Calico Laine we have a large range of Haberdashery products that are the perfect pieces for all your sewing projects. We sell a wide range of dressmaking scissors, different threads and a variety of zips that are all essentials you need when it comes to making a new garment or accessory. Every week we have a Haberdashery delivery mainly of more stock that has gone the previous week but there is always something new that we all get excited about. Whether it be new ribbons or new coloured threads its great to see both staff members and existing customers love the range we have to offer every week.

    Prym Safety Pins Prym Safety Pins

    Every customer that enters the store will always purchase a Haberdashery item whether it be a pair of high quality scissors or something small such as a thimble there is always something that one of our customers will need. The most popular items of Haberdashery we regularly sell both online and in store have to be either our zips or threads as they are always something you need to complete your dressmaking projects. Our concealed zips and regular ykk dress zips are definitely our best sellers in the zip range we have as these are the most likely zips to be in garments and most dress patterns often say to use one of these zips. When it comes to threads either our gutermann sew-all threads or moon 1000 metre threads are the most popular as these can be used with all fabrics such as cottons, polycottons and linens so you don't have to worry about using the wrong threads, plus these ranges have the most variety of colours to choose from.

    We always have our new Haberdashery products shown in our new arrivals section online. Once they are delivered to us our web team photographs the products and gets them online straight away so regular online customers can see the new range we have that week. We have recently had a range of new safety pins, ribbons and stitch rippers arrive this week which are all ideal pieces for your sewing projects and will be a great addition to your Haberdashery kit when you need them. If you are after a certain Haberdashery product from calico laine please don't hesitate to call or email us and speak to one of our sales team to assure you get the right product you need.

  • Net Curtains for your holiday home

    With the summer holidays well and truly underway, many of our customers will be taking themselves off for a little break whether that be abroad or in the UK. Most will be staying in a hotel, apartment or even camping but some of the lucky ones will be staying in their own holiday home or caravan. Here at Calico Laine we often have customers come to us at the start of the summer season who are wanting to spruce up their holiday home/caravan and many of them look to Net Curtains to do this.

    Net Curtains are a cost effective way to revamp your holiday home and can make it look fresh and inviting, great for if you are renting the place out to holidaymakers. They come in a variety of designs ranging from plainer Nets such as Albany and Hudson to heavier patterns such as the Georgia; so whatever style you are aiming for we are sure to have something that will suit. All our Net Curtains come with a slotted headed already sew in which makes them easy to hang and will save the hassle of any sewing. They can be hung using curtain wire, net rods or tension rods depending on what works best for your property. Nets are an excellent way of providing privacy to your holiday home without blocking the light from the sunshine (we only get a little bit of sunshine each year so we definitely do not want to block it out!). They work perfectly in hotter climates as they are much lighter than ready made curtains but do not compromise on style.

    When you are measuring up for your Net Curtains it is important to make sure you measure the drop and the width. Nets come in standard drop sizes ranging from 36" up to 90" and this is in every design that we do. When it comes to measuring the width you require, we usually suggest measuring your window and then doubling the measurement to allow for gather as you do not want the fabric to be straight across the window. If you do not want a large amount of gather, you can times the measurement by one and a half instead which will give you a small gather. If you are particularly worried about privacy, for example if you have a caravan and do not want people looking in, you may wish to times your measurement by two and a half.

    We are proud to say that our Liscard branch of Calico Laine is the biggest supplier of Net Curtains on the Wirral so if you are looking to change your nets or add nets to your holiday home, we are definitely the place to come to!

  • Calico Laine the 'Fabric Shop'

    Calico Laine is a great well known Fabric Shop located on the wirral in two stores one in liscard and one in neston. It is now well known by all local customers who love shopping in the stores and also online giving it a great status as a local business. Calico laine began in 1973 by Dave and Wendy who set up the business by running craft stalls at local markets such as Birkenhead, Chester and other locations getting the business name out there. Over time is has become a larger and more established Fabric Shop due to the demand from market customers wanting more, giving Dave and Wendy the idea to open up their own store.

    The success of the first shop in liscard was a lot greater than they thought giving them the courage to build an e-commerce website in 2016 to give customers the chance to order their goods online hoping to gain more success from the company. In the summer of 2008 due to the success of the liscard store and website they opened another store on the clayhill industrial estate in neston giving customers a chance to shop in that store and allowing the e-ccomerce site to grow giving them space for offices and for mail orders to be completed. Calico Laine is now a well established local business that employs around 11 staff including dave and wendy's son and daughter to help them run their business.

    Calico Laine is a Fabric Shop that a lot of customers thrive about calling it an aladdin's cave when shopping here. The company has a large range of fabrics and haberdashery products sold online and in store including a variety of satins, chiffons and wool fabrics to suit all seasons and haberdashery items such as zips, threads and scissors that are all essential products for your sewing box. A lot of customers tend to shop here for bridal fabrics and dressmaking fabrics as there is such a range of different styles and colours here to choose from with all items such as threads and zips to match your chosen fabric. Calico Laine are always finding ways to excite the customers with offers on weekly both instore and online for customers to enjoy shopping here. If you are eager to find fabrics you need or any other items such as craft pieces, wool or haberdashery essentials then Calico laine the 'Fabric Shop' is the place to look.

    Calico Laine Calico Laine
  • New Arrivals at Calico Laine

    Recently we have had a lot of New Arrivals here at calico laine especially a variety of different haberdashery products. We normally have a delivery of new fabrics so it was nice to see so many new haberdashery items come into stock and our customers have been loving the new selections we have. We have had a variety of different products including new vilenes, new machine needles, new curtain accessories and many more new items that will all make a great purchase.

    Schmetz Embroidery Machine Needles Schmetz Embroidery Machine Needles

    Our most popular New Arrivals have been the schmetz machine needles. We have only had a few designs in stock so we were delighted to see the whole range arrive allowing us to update the schmetz section both online and in store. Our schmetz machine needles are made up of a selection of different styles including universal needles, stretch needles, leather needles and many more machine needles that can be used with a variety of different fabrics when completing your dressmaking projects. The largest section for this brand are the universal needles as they can be used with a variety of different materials and come in the largest size range so customers have more choice to select to fit their sewing machine.

    The new vilenes in our New Arrivals section include iron on bias tape in black and white and three different sew in vilenes which include a patchwork interfacing, a wool mix fleece interfacing and a voluminous fleece interfacing that is perfect for using when making quilts and duvets. If you are interested in knowing more about our vilene products we are planning on having another demonstration day in november time and we are also going to start including vilene tutorial videos on our website that will be useful as you will be able to see what each vilene can be used for.

    Other New Arrivals this week include fluorescent colours in our popular 1000 metre moon threads ideal for using with brighter fabrics, curtain deco rings in a large range of colours for you to choose from and other haberdashery items including scissors, scissor sharpeners and dressmaking permanent markers that are all useful products for your sewing projects. If you want to know what new products we have in store or online each week please keep up to date on our New Arrivals section on our website for all the latest new products we have to offer here at Calico Laine.

  • Haberdashery - Bobbins for your sewing machine

    When you buy a new sewing machine you will probably find that you get a little stash of Haberdashery along with this machine to start you off; this usually includes some spare needles, a brush for cleaning your machine's inner workings, a small quick un pick and around 3 new bobbins to fit inside the bobbin case. 3 bobbins is a good start if you are just trying out your sewing machine however you can never have too many bobbins and we would suggest getting a whole load of them and adding to your collection each time you visit us so that you have one for each different colour thread. There is nothing worse than coming to start a project in a new colour and realising you don't have a spare bobbin and having to unreel an old one and add new thread. I have done that many times and know that pain!

    Machine bobbins can be found online in our Haberdashery section and can also be found in both our Liscard and Neston stores. They come in two main types, '15k' and '66k' and for most people, this is quite confusing as they do not know what this means. These numbers are simply for the group of singer sewing machines they would have fitted in however these bobbins now are pretty generic and will fit into most machines, not just singer machines. The original singers would have taken metal bobbins and we have found that the majority of older machines still require a metal bobbin. The newer sewing machines on the market tend to use a plastic bobbin instead. The '15k' bobbins come in both plastic and metal versions and has a flat profile to it whereas the '66k' version have a curved profile and is currently only available in a plastic version. It is important that you always buy the correct bobbin for your machine as if you have the wrong one it can cause a real problem with the tension on your machine and ruin your sewing. If your machine only takes metal bobbins, you can not swop to plastic and vice versa as your machine is generally set to take a certain weight of spool and again, this would upset your tension.

    Once you have a selection of filled bobbins, you are going to want to store them somewhere to keep them nice and tidy. In the same Haberdashery section online, we have 3 different storage solutions for your spools. The prym bobbin box (611980) holds 32 spools and will take both plastic and metal bobbins. It has a blue plastic bottom with a clear lid to see which threads you have at a glance. If you are looking for a slightly cheaper bobbin box we also stock a see-through bobbin organiser (SK40) for £2.99 which holds 18 bobbins. In my opinion though, I would spend the extra £1.00 for the prym organiser as it holds a lot more. The last storage solution in our Haberdashery section is the prym bobbin ring, a really popular buy in the last few weeks. This is a rubber ring which holds 20 different bobbins, plastic or metal and is great for easy access to your threads when you are in the middle of a busy project as they can be popped in and out quickly.

  • Cationic Chiffon for Summer

    Lightweight Fabrics are perfect for the summer months due to their lighter feel on the skin and the coolness they provide when made up into garments. The most popular lightweight fabric we stock has to be chiffon as everyone knows it as the most lightest and sheer material available. We have a variety of different chiffons including extra wide chiffon, crepe chiffon, economy chiffon and many more various styles. One of our most popular chiffon fabrics is our Cationic Chiffon range due to the colour selection and the silk like feel it has.

    Rose Cationic Chiffon Fabric Rose Cationic Chiffon Fabric

    Cationic Chiffon is a beautiful two tone, iridescent dressmaking fabric that looks and feels like real silk. It has an extremely soft feel and stunning appearance making it the perfect choice for a variety of dressmaking projects. It is ideal for layering over other fabrics such as satin and taffeta creating eye-catching layers and drapes that will catch anyones eye. Our Cationic Chiffon is available in over 40 colours to choose from and is excellent value for money at only £4.49 per metre. A lot of our customers purchase Cationic Chiffon for formal garments such as gowns and long skirts and also bridal gowns as its such a beautiful material. The two tone shades within this range seem to be the most popular colour choices when it comes to our online orders with the colours such as lilac, blush and rose being sold most days due to the effect they give off when made into garments. You can also be sure that if you are wanting a chiffon to layer over other materials you will find a perfect match within our Cationic Chiffon range as each shade compliments over colours extremely well.

    Now we are well into the summer months we have seen a rise in our Cationic Chiffon orders as its the perfect material for keeping cool, comfortable and stylish in the hot months of july and august. We have also seen our chiffons being used for swimwear overlays such as kimonos and kaftans as they are perfect for throwing on over your bikini and keeping you cool at the same time. Some of our customers are often put off as they think its going to be very difficult to work with as it is so fine and soft however a few of our staff members here at calico laine have used our Cationic Chiffons plenty of times and say it is extremely easy to work with and that it glides through the sewing machine smoothly. You can take a look at our Cationic Chiffon fabric range both in store and online.

  • New scissors added to our Haberdashery selection

    Whatever craft or sewing project you are undertaking you are more than likely going to need a good pair of scissors for the job. There is nothing worse than coming to start your project and not having the right equipment or poor quality tools that just won't do the job. At Calico Laine, we pride ourselves in offering a good range of high quality Haberdashery items that will allow you to carry out great quality work for now and years to come. This week we have added a number of new scissors to our Haberdashery range. Here is a quick run down of some of the new additions:

    XCUT 6.75 Inch Craft Pro Scissors - These scissors are from the manufacturer Do Crafts and are an excellent set of craft scissors. They can be used for cutting a variety of craft materials including paper, foam and card meaning that they would be a great Haberdashery buy for anyone who did card making or paper craft. The blades on these scissors are titanium coated giving them extra durability and sharpness which will cut through a number of layers at one time. These scissors also have large soft grip handles which make them particularly comfortable to use.

    XCUT 4.5 Inch Micro Craft Scissors - These scissors have non- stick coated blades and are ideal for precision cutting due to the size of the blades. They can be used for craft projects where you need to do delicate cutting such as decoupage as well as being useful for embroidery and needlework projects. Again these have a soft grip handle giving them extra comfort when cutting.

    XCUT 9 Inch Dressmakers Scissors - If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to our Fiskars and Prym dressmaking scissors than these scissors could be just what you are after. Again, found in our Haberdashery section online, these are great for cutting lightweight fabric and can be used for a number of dressmaking projects. The handles of these scissors are offset which allows you to cut fabric against a flat surface easily and also have a soft grip to them. With titanium blades, these are a durable set of scissors that will last.

    XCUT Scissor Set - If you are looking to start your Haberdashery collection or replace some existing scissors in your sewing box than this four piece set is a great deal. At £17.99 for a pair of thread snips, 10" all purpose scissors, 8.5" household scissors and 5.5" fine point sewing scissors you can't go wrong!

  • Layering with Cationic Chiffon

    Chiffon fabric is a popular fabric to use for evening wear and bridal wear and over the past 5 years or so, Cationic Chiffon has definitely stood out as one of our best sellers in the chiffon range. It is a stylish fabric that imitates real silk at a fraction of the cost and this is probably why it is so popular with our customers.

    Cationic Chiffon is a very feminine fabric with its natural drape and sheer qualities. It is the perfect fabric to use for layering whether that be to create an overlay over a heavier fabric or just to layer on its own to create a grateful and elegant skirt. Cationic Chiffon is available in a large range of colours with many of them being two-tone which when layered up can create a stunning effect. The two tone shades give a different dimension to the Chiffon and can look one colour in a certain light and a different colour when it moves as you move which can make your outfit look luxurious.

    Cationic Chiffon is an ideal fabric to use to create bridesmaid dresses if you aren't looking for the traditional duchess satin. Using a base fabric such as a cotton or spandex, Cationic Chiffon can be layered over the top to create a flowing skirt or even a pleated effect on the waistband if you are feeling adventurous with your sewing. Using chiffon will give the outfit a more delicate feel than if you were to use a heavier satin fabric. This is great for weddings that are taking place abroad or in a outdoor setting as chiffon dresses tend to be lighter to wear making them more comfortable for a hotter climate.

    Cationic chiffon can also be used to add detailing to existing tops and dresses. For example, if you have a sleeveless dress you could add a little cap sleeve to rejuvenate an old garment or you could create a t-shirt style overlay to wear over a strap top when you want to be covered up slightly.

    Cationic Chiffon is not the easiest fabric to sew with as it is lightweight and will move as you try to sew with it. A few years ago, one of our customers gave us a tip to make it easier. She suggested pinning the fabric to paper to give it a better base when going through the sewing machine. The paper can then be ripped away from the seam after it is sewn. You can also use spray starch to give the fabric a stiffness which can then be washed out when it has been sewn.

    At £4.49 a metre, Cationic Chiffon is a great value for money fabric and can make a stunning garment at little cost.

  • Bi-Stretch Fabric at Calico Laine

    Bi-Stretch Fabric is one of our most popular materials here at calico laine due to the colours the range has to offer and the amount of creations you can achieve with this fabric. Bi-Stretch Fabric is perfect for creating workwear clothing items such as suits, skirts, jackets and trousers as it is comfortable to move in and doesn't require much ironing keeping it smart looking throughout the day. It is known as a long lasting and hard wearing material making it ideal for office environment uniforms as it will stay smart and give you wear for a long time. Bi-Stretch has a slight stretch across the bias of the material giving it more comfort when worn as a garment.

    Navy Bi-Stretch Fabric Navy Bi-Stretch Fabric

    Our Bi-Stretch Fabric consists of two ranges; regular Bi-Stretch and premium Bi-Stretch that are both available in a large range of colours to choose from. The colours consist of dark shades such as black, navy and bottle green and also come in brighter more eye-catching colours of cerise, turquoise and yellow so you have plenty of choice when choosing one for your chosen project. Regular Bi-Stretch Fabric is 150cm wide composed of 100% polyester and premium Bi-Stretch Fabric is 147cm also composed of 100% polyester however it is slightly thicker than the regular making it a more popular choice for high end suits and jackets.

    As its coming up to september and the kids are starting back at school, our Bi-Stretch Fabric has become a lot more popular in the recent weeks as it is an ideal material for creating school uniform pieces such as skirts and pinafore style dresses especially in the traditional school navy colour. A lot of our customers love creating their own garments so the children's uniform project is great for them and our Bi-Stretch is going down a storm now its the summer holidays and the parents are looking for a sewing project to complete. As well as smart formal uniform pieces and school uniforms our Bi-Stretch Fabric can also be used for other garments and interior pieces if you wish to create another sewing project. You can take a look at all our Bi-Stretch Fabrics both in store and on our website and if you require a sample piece before ordering a larger amount you can order this online to get the feel and look of the material first.

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