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  • Haberdashery Shop - Weddings

    With British Summer Time just around the corner many of our brides to be are putting the finishing touches to their bridal gowns and our Haberdashery Shop is the ideal place for purchasing those specialist pieces of Haberdashery to build your dream bespoke bridal gown. We carry a wide range of technical tools, imperative for creating a unique gown which will fit like a glove and make you feel like a princess on your special day.

    Zips - a standard item of Haberdashery used in a variety of dressmaking projects, zips are something of a modern addition to bridal gowns taking the place of more traditional fasteners such as corset strings or hook and eye fasteners. Zips are the ideal choice of fastener for bridal gowns who require a quick and easy way to fasten their bridal gown. Our Haberdashery Shop carry a wide range of zips suitable for this task with the best selling being our selection of concealed zips - when inserted correctly, these dips are so well hidden that they will appear merely as part of the seam resulting in a sleek, professional finish unspoiled by unsightly teeth fastenings and zip pulls.

    bridalgown Boning is perfect for achieving the perfect hourglass shape.

    Boning - a particularly popular item of Haberdashery in the construction of bridal gowns, bridal gowns are used to give light shape and structure to bespoke garments. Boning is a popular choice for wedding gowns as it helps the garment to maintain its shape and will assist the wearer in achieving their desired "hourglass shape". Boning also eliminates the requirement for the bride to wear undergarments which may be uncomfortable or unsightly under their bridal gown and will provide extra support when used in strapless designs. Our Haberdashery Shop carry a wide range of boning from cotton covered boning to the more structured steel boning.

    Bra Accessories - brides often struggle to find the ideal piece of lingerie which is comfortable to wear under their gown all day long. Our selection of bra accessories are the ideal choice for ensuring that your gown remains in place all day without being visible. Our low back bra strap adjustor is a particularly useful product which easily converts your bra into a low back bra suitable for use with lower back dresses. Clear soft bra straps are a popular choice with brides who have chosen a strapless gown or a design with thin straps, clear bra straps are almost invisible against your skin.


  • Buy Zips at Calico Laine

    The one item we sell most of and will always stay popular is Zips. At Calico Laine you can Buy Zips in a large variety of different styles for all of your sewing projects. Each different range of zip can be used for certain styles of garments or accessories and are all available in a selection of colours and sizes depending on what you need. Zips are an essential item when it comes to your sewing projects and are widely used by all dressmakers as a fastener on clothing items such as jackets or jeans, accessories like bags and purses and are also now popular for being used as a fashion statement.

    Orange Concealed Zip Orange Concealed Zip

    You can Buy Zips from us in both stores as well as online where you can view images of each individual zipper to see the different shades you can purchase. Our Zips come with different teeth options such as nylon, metal, brass and chunky plastic so you can be sure you will find one that you need for your project. Customers often purchase our regular dress zip as they can be used for a variety of sewing projects and can be sewn into all items such as clothing, accessories and home wear. Dress zips are a closed ended light weight zip that will not weigh your garment down. They are extremely easy to sew into fabrics and range in size from 4 inch to 22 inch. Another one of our most popular zippers are the concealed zips which are also ideal to be sewn into a range of garments and home wear such as cushions. Concealed zips also known as invisible zips have invisible teeth so the zip is not visible on the outside of a garment when attached. If inserted correctly a concealed zip simply looks like a seam within the garment making your finishing piece very neat and professional. These zips are also available in an array of colours and lengths ranging from 8 inch to 22 inch.

    Here at calico laine you can also Buy Zips suited for many heavy duty garments like leather or outdoor clothing that needs a stronger fastener. These zips include our heavy duty metal zips, heavy duty plastic zips and metal zips that are all stronger in weight with chunkier teeth ideal for heavy weight garments. As well as these style of zips we have a collection of tent zips, two way zips, brass zips and many more that are all ideal for a variety of sewing projects. You can be sure shopping at calico laine can guarantee you will find the best zip you need for your chosen project.

  • Crafts for Children

    The thought of the clocks springing forward this weekend fills me with joy. Spring is on its way. I just love this time of year, the buds on the trees and the daffodils are a sure sign that everything is coming back to life. As well as the promise of warmer days ahead, we can also celebrate Mothers day this weekend. I love mothers day, not only because my children make me breakfast in bed, but also because it gives me a excellent reason to get my stash of Crafts out. In our house we believe that a hand made gift is much more meaningful and personal than anything you buy from a shop so which ever crafts you are into then why not try making your mum or grandma something special this year.

    My children are very creative and enjoy a multitude of Crafts, last year they combined their efforts (with a little help from Daddy I suspect) and made me a wonderful scrapbook full of all my favourite photos. I love photos, they're a wonderful way to recapture happy memories, I always have my camera out taking pictures of just about everything. Scrapbooking is a great hobby, as the name suggests but a great opportunity to use up all your old scraps, whether it fabrics, ribbons, card or trims, anything goes and your pages don't have to be perfect. Scrapbooking is a favourite of mine, I learnt about loads of new Crafts including decoupage, quilling and paper embroidery to name a few. Its a fabulous hobby and scrapbooks always make beautiful gifts.

    This year we will definitely be making something special for Nanny (My mum). She has a huge appreciation for many Crafts herself so she always understands how much effort we've made. Last weekend we all made cards so now we just need to finish off her gifts. My mum has recently decorated her kitchen so I think the most obvious gift to make her would be a new tablecloth and matching apron. I know that she'll definitely use both these items and luckily they're both relatively easy to make with my kids help. My son informed me this morning that we couldn't give nanny a new tablecloth and apron without a lovely mothers day cake to accompany it. A boy after my own heart, lets extend our Crafting skills a little further and do some baking, although I'm certain he's just after a slice of his favourite chocolate cake. Whatever you're up to this weekend, have a wonderful day.

  • Fabrics for Beginners

    We receive a high volume of enquiries from customers who are new to the hobby of dressmaking and are looking for Fabrics suitable for honing their skills. We carry a wide range of reasonably priced Fabrics suitable for practicing your sewing and dressmaking skills that are easy to handle and sew:

    Cotton - one of our best selling Fabrics, cotton is suitable for a wide range of projects, particularly clothing items such as dresses, shirts and skirts. Cotton is the perfect choice for the beginner dressmaker and is available to purchase in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs. Cotton is a natural state Fabric meaning that it can be dyed to any shade you like and best of all it is particularly easy to cut and sew.

    Cotton Jersey - with summer creeping up on us, many beginner dressmakers are hunting for a Fabric suitable for their warm weather wardrobe and cotton jersey is perfect. Cotton jersey is a Fabric most popular for casual clothing items including skirts and t-shirts but it can also be used for more fashionable pieces such as camisole tops - perfect for your summer holidays! We stock a wide range of cotton jersey Fabric in a number of plain and marl shades.

    Bi-Stretch - a lovely Fabric ideal for those working with a polyester Fabric for the first time. This Fabric is one of the most cost effective in our collection and is available to purchase online and in-store all year round. This medium weight Fabric is popular for its wonderful drape and flow and is available to purchase in a wide range of colour options.

  • Crafts for Fabrics

    Here at Calico Laine we have a large collection of different Craft items suitable for a variety of different projects. Some of our Crafts include card making, cross stitching kits and knitting accessories which are all suitable for a wide range of different projects and also can be used by all ages from small children to the older generation.

    Neon Pink Fabric Spray Paint Neon Pink Fabric Spray Paint

    We have recently just got in some brand new gutermann fabric spray paints that are now part of our Craft collection which can be seen in both stores and online under the paints section. Our range of fabric spray paints come in a large variety of different shades from neon colours to darker colours. These paints are ideal for customising your own clothing, bags and scarves as well as many more fabric items. They are permanent water based paints and fast drying when sprayed working best on white or light coloured materials. They are available in a 59ml bottle at £5.49 each with full instructions given on the back of the bottle. With these Craft fabric spray paints you can spray onto materials over tape or stencils to create your very own unique and exciting designs on your new sewing projects or you can give your own items a new fresh eye-catching look.

    if you are looking for a new hobby or project and love all things Crafty you should definitely try these new fabric spray paints. You can buy a few plain white t-shirts and create brand new designs of your own to keep for yourself or give as presents to your loved ones. Creating something personalised is a great gift to give and receive as its something individual and keepsake for others. As well as our new fabric spray paints we also have many more different Craft paints within the paint section including regular dylon fabric paints, do crafts acrylic paints, glass paints and chalk paints all suitable for a variety of different Craft projects. If you are going to create something unique and different with some our new fabrics spray paints please feel free to send us an image or attach it to one of our social media pages so we can see how amazing it is and share it with all our customers who are thinking about trying some of these paints for their new Craft project.

  • Crafts for Easter

    Easter is the perfect time of year for inspiring your children to take up the rewarding hobby of crafting. This time of year presents the perfect opportunity for Craft projects and is the perfect way of keeping your little ones entertained over the upcoming Easter holidays. There are many Craft projects to inspire at this lovely time of year such as creating an Easter bonnet, or for a more simple task for the beginner crafter try creating your own handmade greetings cards.

    Easter bonnets are the perfect traditional Craft project and are ideal for inspiring your children to become involved in crafting and creating. Many children love taking part in traditional Easter celebrations and parades and will love showing off their handmade creations. We carry a wide range of materials suitable for creating your own handmade Easter bonnet such as buttons, ribbons and glitter. Our selection of Easter ribbons are perfect for this project and are one of our best selling Craft items during the early spring season. Our buttons are available in a wide range of colours and designs such as flowers, bunnies and lambs and are ideal for a cute children's bonnet.

    easter-bunny-ribbon_1 Easter Ribbons are ideal for many spring time Craft projects.

    For children old enough to manage scissors and glue, felt Easter eggs are the perfect way for them to explore their cutting and sewing skills and make the perfect gift or keepsake. We carry a fantastic selection of felt squares in a wide range of colour options ideal for cutting out your egg template and our toy stuffing and wadding can be used to stuff your Easter egg shape. Your kids will love exploring their creative side by decorating their egg using our best selling Craft fabric paints, glitter glue and diamantes.

    Card making is the perfect Craft project for crafters of all ages. Our wide range of card is available to purchase in a variety of colours and sizes and can be decorated using glues, adhesives and paints from our Craft range. Our selection of Easter ribbons are by world renowned manufacturers such as berisfords and berties bows and are the ideal accessory for all of your spring Craft projects. Available in a variety of cute designs, Easter ribbons are ideal for both card making and cake decorating.

  • Haberdashery Store

    Our Haberdashery Store is the ideal place for all of your Haberdashery needs. Whether you are a dressmaker wishing to replenish your tool kit or are simply looking to repair a beloved clothing item you can be sure to find exactly what you need right here. You can shop at our online Haberdashery Store or visit at one of our two shops in Wirral to peruse the wide range of items on offer. All of our Haberdashery items are brought to you direct from the world's biggest and best loved manufacturers such as gutermann and prym. To assist you with your shopping, here are details of some of our best selling Haberdashery essentials:

    Sewing Needles - when customers shop at our Haberdashery Store, one of the most important items for your sewing projects will be your sewing needles. It is important to ensure that you have a good selection of hand sewing needles readily available. We carry a wide range of sewing needles in various shapes and sizes ideal for any sewing or embroidery project. Direct from world renowned manufacturers such as milward and JTL our range of sewing needles includes tapestry sewing needles, chenille darners and embroidery needles.

    Scissors - an important item for both tailors and dressmakers alike, a good pair of sewing scissors will make all the difference to any of your sewing or mending projects. Our Haberdashery Store stocks a fantastic range of excellent quality scissors including the best selling fiskars range which includes both right and left handed scissors in a variety of sizes. We also carry scissors from a variety of other manufacturers such as prym, bexfield and janome suitable for professional and home use.

    Thread - our Haberdashery Store carry a huge range of sewing threads, in fact our selection is renowned as one of the most comprehensive collections on the market. Gutermann sew-all thread is the best selling thread we sell and is composed from a superior quality polyester. Available to purchase in an astonishing range of shades, this excellent quality thread is compatible with almost any fabric. We also carry overlocking threads, embroidery threads and many more. Whether you are working on a small embroidery project or a big commercial order you can be sure to find the perfect thread for your requirements.

  • New Cotton Spandex Dress Fabrics

    We have recently had some brand new Cotton Spandex Dress Fabrics arrive here at Calico Laine in some beautiful bright designs getting us ready for some exciting summer sewing projects. Cotton Spandex Fabric is ideal for creating a variety of clothing items such as skirts and stylish dresses due to its comfortable wear and slight stretch. Cotton Spandex is composed of a cotton and spandex mix giving the fabric a slight stretch making it easy to sew with and comfortable to wear. This Dressmaking Fabric is great for any occasion or formal gatherings and catches everyones eye with its unique colours and patterns.

    Red/Lime Cotton Spandex Fabric Red/Lime Cotton Spandex Fabric

    Some of the new prints in this Dress Fabric include floral prints and aztec prints in fluorescent lime, orange and pink shades making them stand out with all our customers. For a long time this Dressmaking Fabric has been a popular seller with our customers both in store and online with some designs flying straight out of the door as soon as they arrive with us. My personal favourite out of the new designs has to be the red/lime print which is a unique aztec pattern that would make up into the perfect summer dress. Cotton Spandex always gets us in the mood for the summer months when it is delivered in store as it gives the place a bright and happy feel and customers are thrilled when it comes in.

    We love when customers send us images of creations they have made with our cotton spandex Dressmaking Fabric as its great to see a variety of different sewing ideas come to life. Customers often chat to us in store about what they are thinking of creating so it is lovely to see the final pieces with these beautiful materials especially when they are new fabrics that the customers love as much as we do. Every year when summer is about to arrive we always pick out some new exciting designs in this material that we know will be a success and perfect for summer creations.

    As well as cotton spandex material we have also received a delivery of lots more brand new Dress Fabrics in store this week including cotton prints, cotton lawns, broderie anglaise and printed canvas which all make up into beautiful summer garments due to their bright and colourful patterns. You can view all our new products online under the new arrivals section or pop in store to see us.

  • Haberdashery - Using Dylon to revive and revamp garments

    Although we sell a lot of fabric to help you create a brand new garment from scratch, you may find from time to time that you simply want to revamp or revive an existing garment and we have the perfect range in our Haberdashery department that can do just that; products from Dylon. No matter if you want to add a new lease of life to some lingerie that has faded over time or want to update a favourite jumper with a new colour, Dylon has the product for you.

    Dylon was founded by Peter Samuel and Luca Purbeck in Central London in 1946 when they first started selling a selection of colourful dyes from a garage. Originally called 'Dyes of London', the brand name was shortened to Dylon and has now been a global company for over 70 years. It is the most well known brand for clothes dyes and here at Calico Laine we stock the whole range including dyes for dyeing any natural fabric in the washing machine or in a bucket, colour removers and fabric paints and pens.

    The best selling Haberdashery products from Dylon are their clothes dyes which can be used to update something that may have had for a while but needs a bit of a change of colour to make it feel different or alternatively it can be used to create pattern on something plain for example tie dying a white tshirt or dip dying a skirt. Dylon dyes can only be used with natural fibres. The machine dyes are ideal for giving colour to cotton and linen however if you have more delicate fibres such as wool or silk, the hand dyes are perfect. Dyes need to be set with salt to ensure that the colour stays and does not wash out. Dylon have now produced machine dyes which include the salt so that you simply have to put the dye in the drum with your clothes and hey presto! With the warm water dyes, the salt needs to be dissolved with warm water and added to the cold water dye. Dylon also produce a number of fabric paints and pens which are great to use with kids as a fun craft project, either using them to decorate and design bags or tshirts, cushions or pencil cases. They are easy to use and can be ironed to set the colours.

    Dylon is a trusted Haberdashery brand and can be relied upon when you have had a washing disaster. If you find that your have washed a dark coloured item in with some light coloured clothes and it has ran then do not worry as their 's.o.s colour run remover' may just be the thing to save you. This product removes most colour runs and will bring white and coloured items back to their original colour. Another similar product to this is the 'colour catcher' which will help you prevent colours running to begin with and is a small sheet that is just put into the washing machine drum to 'catch' any colour run meaning you can wash all different colours together. If you are looking to revive white lingerie, t-shirts, shirts or net curtains, Dylon also product net curtain whitener and ultra whitener which will brighten any greying or dull white items.

  • Buy Fabrics Online for World Book Day

    Since the 23rd April 1995, schools and nurseries across the country have been celebrating World Book Day to appreciate authors, books, illustrators and reading. Children and teachers dress up as their favourite storybook character and traditionally take the book that their costume was inspired by into school. World book day takes place today this year so it is a little late to Buy Fabrics Online to make a costume however it is never too early to prepare for next year's celebration!

    Many of the supermarkets sell costumes for World Book Day and this year I spotted a Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland and Where's Wally costumes in Asda, just to name a few. It is however, much nicer to try and make your own so that your child can get involved in the making process and they can feel unique on the day (they don't want to be in a classroom full of Where's Wallys!) Calico Laine is the perfect place to Buy Fabrics Online for costume making as we have a wide range of fabrics that will fit different budgets. Some of best selling Fabrics Online for fancy dress outfits are our economy satin and regular bi-stretch. At just £2.99 per metre they won't break the bank and they are comfortable for children (and adults) to wear.

    A popular inspiration for older children's costumes is Harry Potter and since the books were released in 1997 they have been one of the most favoured costumes for world book day. Many parents are happy when their children pick to be a student from Hogwarts as the costume is pretty simple to put together. All they need is a school uniform and a tie but if you are feeling a little more adventurous you might like to sew a Hogwarts cape. Once again, you can Buy Fabrics Online from Calico Laine for this and a satin fabric is probably best to give the cape a shiny finish. The cape is black on the outside and has a red lining. This could be created using black economy satin and a red, anti-static dress lining, both of which are cost effective materials meaning it won't cost too much at all. Alternatively, if you wanted a matt finish you could use bi stretch or a gaberchino fabric.

    Many years ago, my sister, who is a teaching assistant for key stage 1 asked me to help her create a costume for world book day. After throwing some ideas around we settled on a 'Funnybones' costume as the kids in her class loved the story. To create the outfit, I took a plain black tracksuit that my sister used to wear for PE days and bought some felt fabric. After drawing out the bone shapes, I simply cut the shapes out and placed them on the chest of the top and along the legs and arms. To make it easier for myself, I used a impex fabric glue to stick down the shapes to the tracksuit. It went down a storm with the kids and 9 years later, it is still intact and has been used several times as a world book day costume and a Halloween outfit!

    If you have created any outfits this year for world book day why not share them on our Facebook page as we love to see your creations!

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