Cationic Chiffon Fabric

  1. Summer Bridal Fabrics with Calico Laine

    Summer Bridal Fabrics with Calico Laine
    Everyone loves a Summer Wedding, and here at Calico Laine we are no exception. Summer weddings bring lighter Bridal Fabrics and brighter shades. Here at Calico Laine, we have a wide selection of fabrics to help create your perfect day. Simple and Classic If your design is more along the understated lines, our range of Stretch Duchess Satin would be...
  2. Cationic Chiffon for Summer

    Lightweight Fabrics are perfect for the summer months due to their lighter feel on the skin and the coolness they provide when made up into garments. The most popular lightweight fabric we stock has to be chiffon as everyone knows it as the most lightest and sheer material available. We have a variety of different chiffons including extra wide chiffon...
  3. Cationic Chiffon Fabric available at Calico Laine

    Cationic Chiffon Fabric is a luxurious fabric, widely recognised by its beautiful appearance and soft to the touch finish. Composed in such a way as to mimic the look and qualities of real silk, Cationic Chiffon Fabric is perfect for those who wish to achieve an elegant, high-end appearance at a reasonable cost. Here at Calico Laine we have a wide range of cationic chiffons...

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