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  • Fabrics for Winter

    Winter weather means one thing; a new winter wardrobe. Our light weight clothing is a distant memory and we are wrapping up in warmer, cosier attire. Here at Calico Laine we’ve got you covered with all the winter fabrics you could possibly need to get you through the cold months. Wool Fabric Wool fabric is an obvious choice when it comes to wrapping up warm as it’s nature’s insulator. We have a beautiful selection of wool’s, in a range of colours and patterns, many of which are also reversible. They are very hardwearing fabrics, meaning that whether choose… Read More
  • Tartan - the best winter fabric you'll find

    Whenever we think about the perfect winter fabrics our minds always end up in two places: wool and tartan. While we know that tartan is more of a pattern rather than a fabric, we still think it brings up gorgeous ideas about designs and outfits that we can create with that familiar Scottish pattern. Tartan - the perfect winter fabric? Whenever we find tartan fabric we know that it is going to end up in an amazing creation: there's so much that you can do with it and with so many colours and patterns available there are limitless options for what we can make. From … Read More
  • Winter Dressmaking Fabrics - Calico Laine

    Dressmaking Fabrics our the most popular range of materials bought by our customers. We have found this to be the case because everybody wants their own unique clothing. Many people tend to create their own fashion inspired clothing pieces to save them cost and decision making as they are able to choose exactly what colour and design they want without shopping around for hours trying to choose an outfit that might not be perfect for them. We have a large range of beautiful Dress Fabrics here at Calico Laine that makes it possible for you to create high fashion it… Read More
  • Best Christmas fabrics you'll find online

    There isn’t anything more exciting to us at Calico Laine than bringing in new fabric, and that excitement is amplified when it gets to this time of year! Our new Christmas fabrics have reached our stores, and we’re loving thinking about all of the amazing creations that will come from them all. Our new winter fabrics The new winter fabrics that we have featured are a mixture of adorable and classy, with the chance to design a perfect gift for someone as well as finding something that can help you to create the perfect Christmas accessory. We know how importan… Read More
  • Winter Fabrics for the Autumn season

    Here at Calico Laine we have the autumn and winter covered. This year our ranges of Winter Fabrics are outstanding. Whether you're wanting to make a festive frock, some cosy cushion covers, or a lovely warm fleece, we have something for everyone. When you mention Winter Fabrics people instantly think of boring beige tweeds and unflattering chunky knits but this certainly isn't the case this year. Our stunning ranges of suedes, metallics and tartans are all very on-trend at the moment, so you can't go wrong. Every autumn we always get a delivery of beautiful new fl… Read More
  • Gabardine Fabric at Calico Laine

    Now its coming up to winter a lot of our customers are starting to purchase more of our thicker and heavier weight fabrics that are more useful for creating warmer garments and warmer interior items such as blankets and throws especially for them colder months. Over the last few weeks we have seen a huge rise in sales of our fleece fabrics, suede fabrics, cotton drills and gabardines as they are all more suited to the colder temperature that is creeping up on us. With customers starting to prepare their winter creations we are making sure all our winter categor… Read More
  • Winter Fabrics At Calico Laine

    I'm sure I'm in the minority but I just love this time of year. I love the cosy dark nights, the autumnal trees turning and the impending thought of Christmas. The kids have returned to school and our routines are finally back to normal which means its an ideal time to dig out our sewing machines and revamp our winter wardrobes. I think the autumn/winter fashions in recent years have been very drab and predictable but this year the Winter Fabrics on the catwalk are far more exciting than usual and I can't wait to get started. This season is set to see an abundan… Read More
  • Winter Fabrics

    This is my favourite time of year when it comes to fashion and creating your own garments as I am in love with the colours, trends and different styles that are around for the winter months. September is when we start getting in all our brand new Winter Fabrics which is a really exciting time for the staff here at calico laine and our regular customers. Our Winter Fabrics usually consist of new tartan checks, woollen materials and christmas fabrics that are all extremely popular around this time of year. When the weather starts getting cooler every dressmaker star… Read More
  • Fleece Fabrics ready for winter

    Winter is fast approaching and we are all starting to think about winter fashion and what fabrics we can use to make up some stylish warm garments ready for the cold season. At calico laine we have a large range of fabrics that are especially ideal for the colder months such as melton, woollen flannel and tartans due to their thickness and warm comfort on the skin. One fabric that is perfect for winter but is still also a year round seller is our selection of Fleece Fabrics. Fleece has always been a popular seller and can be made up into a variety of dressmaking p… Read More
  • Heavy Weight Fabrics at Calico Laine

    With summer fast approaching and the weather finally looking up your winter wardrobe is probably the last thing on your mind. However, in the world of dressmaking and fashion is forward planning is very important and we are already experiencing an increase in customer enquiries regarding our Heavy Weight Fabrics for winter. We carry a wide range of Heavy Weight Fabrics ideal for keeping you warm and comfortable when the temperature drops without compromising your sense of fashion. Here are details are some of our best selling Heavy Weight Fabrics: Melton is the i… Read More

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